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Alex Attumalil

Global Chief Information Security Officer, Under Armour

Caleb Sima

Chief Security Officer, Robinhood

David B. Cross

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer, Oracle Saas Cloud

Dr. Alissa Abdullah (Dr. Jay)

Deputy Chief Security Officer, Mastercard

Dr. Magda Lilia Chelly

Chief Information Security Officer, Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd.

Flavio Aggio

Chief Information Security Officer, World Health Organization (WHO)

Frank Abagnale

Renowned Cybercrime & Fraud Prevention Expert, and Subject of Catch Me If You Can

Ira Winkler

Chief Security Architect, Walmart

Jamil Farshchi

Chief Information Security Officer, Equifax

Naby Diaw

Chief Information Security Officer, Lufthansa Group

Neil Walsh

Regional Representative - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Eastern Africa

Nicola Whiting MBE

Chief Strategy Officer &
Co-owner, Titania Group

Philip Martin

Global Chief Information Security Officer, Coinbase

Quinn Carman

Cybersecurity Leader, National Security Agency (NSA)

Richard Rushing

Chief Information Security Officer, Motorola Mobility

Shobha Jagathpal

Managing Director, India CISO and Head for Technology Operations Risk and Firm Resilience for India, Morgan Stanley

Thomas Tschersich

Chief Security Officer, Deutsche Telekom AG

Tim Brown

Vice President & Global Chief Information Security Officer, SolarWinds

Aaron Aubrey Ng

Strategic Threat Advisor, MEA and APJ, Crowdstrike

Aatif Khan

Risk Management Executive, CyberSecurity Advisory

Abbas Mohsin

Penetration Tester, CareCloud

Abdul Alenazi

Penetration Tester, SABRY

Abdulaziz Aldawood

Security Researcher, Haboob

Abdulla Abdullayev

Security Researcher, Oryxlabs

Abdullah Al-Jallal

Territory Manager, NetWitness®

Abdullah Algumaijan

Director of Cybersecurity Operations

Abdullah AlJaber

Cybersecurity Director

Abdullah Alnajem

Cybersecurity Inventor, Dr Alnajem Licensed Office for Professional Consultancy in IT Communication and Computer

Abdulrahman Al-Manea

Chief Product Management & Marketing Officer, sirar by stc

Abdulrahman Al-Nimari

Cybersecurity Consultant, Independent Consultant

Abdulrahman Alaql

Lab Director, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology

Abeer Khedr

Head of Cyber Security, National Bank of Egypt

Abhay Bhargav

Founder of we45

Abhinav Singh

Security Researcher, Normalyze

Ahmad Halabi

Managing Director, Senior Security Specialist, Resecurity

Ahmad Murad

Cybersecurity Solutions Architect, Cisco

Ahmed Alasiri

Head of Enterprise Security Architect, STC

Ahmed Almorabea

Senior Incident Responder, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Ahmed ElShorman

Senior Solutions Architect, Infoblox Inc.

Ahmed Shawky


Akib Sayyed

Founder, Matrix Shell

Alex Cohen


Alexandra Hurtado

Worldwide Technical Leader, XDR Threat Management Portfolio, IBM Security

Alexandru Caciuloiu

Cybersecurity Expert

Ali Abdulla Al Sadadi

Chief Of Information Technology & ITIL 4 Digital Strategic Leader

Ali Alamri

Incident Response Consultant, IBM

Ali Y. Masfuh

Access Control and Identity Management Director, Cyber Defense, stc

Aljoharah Alrais

Cybersecurity Compliance Supervisor, STC

Amit Ghodekar

Senior Vice President - Information Security, Axis Bank

Amit Mehta

Cyber Security Practice Lead, EMEA, Mastercard

Ammar El-Hassan

Associate Professor, PSUT

Anas Alghamdi

Cybersecurity Student, University of Prince Mugrin

Anas Roubi

Penetration Tester, Vigilant Asia

Andrea Isoni

Chief AI Officer, AI Technologies

Andrew Morfill

Chief Information Security Officer, Komainu

Ankush Johar

Director & Ambassador of Global Cyber Alliance, Infosec Ventures & Lloyds Ventures

Anuprita Daga

President and Chief Information Security Officer, YES Bank

Arwa Alhamad

Head of Cybersecurity, Sanabil Investments

Arwa Alomari

Threat Intelligence Specialist, Mobily

Arwa AlSalamah

Data Governance and Compliance Director

Ashish Dhone

Senior Information Security Analyst, Persistent Systems Ltd.

Ayed AlQahtani

CyberSecurity Specialist

Babar Khan Akhunzada

Chief Cyber Strategist, SecurityWall

Bart Stump

Senior Systems Engineer, RSA Netwitness

Basil Alothman

Founder, Kuwait Hackers LLC

Basma Ahmadush

Cybersecurity Consultant, stc

Betania Allo

Cyber Attorney, Counter-Terrorism, Threat Intelligence, Data Privacy, United Nations

Bramwell Brizendine

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of Alabama in Huntsville


Head of Cybercrime Unit, Brazilian Police

Brian Gallagher

Co-Founder, Partisia Blockchain

Brian Gorenc

Senior Director, Trend Micro

Bryan Seely

Security Architect, Cyemptive Technologies

Carmen Marsh

President & Chief Executive Officer, United Cybersecurity Alliance

Chris Roberts

Chief Information Security Officer, Boom Supersonic

Ciaran Luttrell

Director of SOC Operations, EMEA, eSentire

Daniel O. Adaramola

Advisory Board Member, Young CISO Network & Group Head, Technology & Business Continuity Risk, Unity Bank Plc.

Daniel Weber

PhD Student, CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security

Danish Tariq

Security Engineer

David Colombo

Founder & CEO, Colombo Technologies

Dexter Chen

Threat Researcher, TXOne Networks Inc.

Dominic Seddon

Security Operations Lead, Komainu

Dr Reem Al Shammari

Global Thought Leader in Cybersecurity & Technology, Energy Sector

Dr. Ali Hadi


Dr. Wendy Ng

Principal Cloud Security Architect, OneWeb

Ed Sleiman

Head of Information Security, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Emad Al-Mousa

IT Consultant, Saudi Aramco

Eslam Salem

Security Research Team Lead, Datadog

Etizaz Mohsin

Senior Security Consultant, ZeroDayLab

Evan Anderson

Principal Technologist, Randori

Fady Chalhoub

Associate Partner, IBM Security Services EMEA

Fady Younes

Senior Cybersecurity Director, Cisco

Fadyah Alshlawi

Senior Threat Intelligence Researcher, SABIC

Fahad Alduraibi

Director of Cybersecurity Center, Communication, Space, and Technology Commission (CST)

Fahad Aljutaily

Chief Executive Officer, sirar by stc

Fahad Qahtani

Principal ICS/OT Incident Responder, Dragos, Inc. (GCC IR Lead)


Chairman, The Saudi Federation for Cyber Security and Programming (SAFCSP)

Faisal Al-Sibai

Chief Information Security Officer, Government Entity in Saudi Arabia

Faisal Alasmari

Cybersecurity Consultant, Cipher Company for Cybersecurity

Fal Ghancha

Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer, DSP Investments

Fares Alfowzan

Information Security Specialist, Haboob

Fauzi Abbas

Assistant Professor, Singapore Institute of Technology

Fawaz Almalki

Chief Information Security Officer, TASNEE

Fayez Al-Shammari

Chief Information Security Officer, SABIC

Gabrielle Botbol

Offensive Security Advisor, Desjardins

Gabrielle Hempel

System Engineer, NetWitness

Gary Pollock

Solutions Engineering Manager, CyberArk

George Chilton

Regional Director, Darktrace

Georgia Weidman

Founder, Software Engineer in Security, Bulb Security, Shevirah, Aiven Oy

Gregory Bell

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Corelight

Haran Kumar

Senior Solutions Architect, Elastic

Hassan Khan Yusufzai

Senior Security Researcher, spiderSilk

Haydur Agha

Vice President, Cyber Security, Sony Music

Himanshu Mehta

Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence, HivePro

Husam Al-Suliman

Chief Information Security Officer, AlRajhi Bank, KSA

Ibrahim ElSayed

Security Engineer, Meta

Ignat Korchagin

Engineering Manager, Cloudflare

Illyas Kooliyankal

Group Chief Information Security Officer, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB)

Ismail Melih Tas

Senior Security Consultant, Synopsys

Ivan Pisarev

Head of Dynamic Malware Analysis Team, Group IB

Jason Kent

Hacker In Residence, Cequence Security

Jaya Baloo

Chief Information Security Officer, Avast

Jean Philippe Aumasson

Chief Security Officer, Taurus

Jon Staniforth

Chief Information Security Officer, Royal Mail

Joseph McCray

Chief Technology Officer, Trusted Partners

Kai Jern Lau

Member, Qiling Framework

Kamran Mohsin

IT Security Consultant, ZeroDayLab

Kelvin Wong

Researcher, Hardware Ninja

Kenzie Falcoz

Head of Platform, Outliers Venture Capital

Khaled Farah

Cloud Security Engineer, Careem

Khalifa AL Shamsi

Hackers Academy

Kim Albarella


Kota Kanbe

Author of Vuls, Future Corporation

Lamya Alowain

Senior Researcher - National Center for Cybersecurity, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology

Lance James

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Unit 221B

Larry Whiteside Jr

Chief Information Security Officer, RegScale

Lavakumar Kuppan

Founder, Domdog Security

Lee Whatford

Chief Information Security Officer, Domino's Pizza

Leon Trampert

PhD Student, CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security

Les Correia

Executive Director - Global Head of Application Security, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

Lothar Renner

Managing Director, Cisco

Luca Bongiorni

Director of Cybersecurity Lab, ZTE Italia

Lucy Hedges

Tech Editor, Metro UK

Maan Alsubhi

Senior Incident Response Specialist, sirar by stc

Majed Hakami

Cybersecurity Analyst, Aramco

Malak AlFosail

Security Operation Analyst - Level 3, Cyberani Solutions

Marcin Kozlowski

Head of Information Security and Compliance

Marco Liberale

Neurodivergent Wonderkid

Mari Galloway

Chief Executive Officer & Founding Member, Cyberjutsu

Mars Cheng

Manager, TXOne Networks Inc.

Marwan Allohaidan

General Director of Cyber Risk Control Department, Saudi Central Bank (‘SAMA’)

Mary O'Brien

General Manager, IBM Security

Max Kersten

Malware Analyst, Trellix

May Alsaif

Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) Senior Analyst, SITE

Mazin Ahmed


Mesfer Almesfer

Chief Information Security Officer, NEOM

Meshari Al-Malki

VAPT, SecurityMakers

Michael Tremante

Director of Product, Cloudflare

Milad Aslaner

Head of Technology Advisory Group, SentinelOne

Mirza Burhan Baig

Senior Security Consultant, ZeroDayLab

Moataz Moustafa

Senior Consultant - Adversary Simulation, Mandiant

Moataz Salah

CEO, CyberTalents

Mohammad Ababneh

Assistant Professor, PSUT

Mohammad Siraj

Cybersecurity Business & Strategic Alliances Manager, Schneider Electric

Mohammed Aldoub

Cyber Security Consultant, Council of Ministers, Kuwait Government

Mohammed Alghamdi

Cybersecurity Sector Manager, Saudi Federation For Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones (SAFCSP)

Mohammed Alhareeqi

Cloud Services General Manager, SITE

Mohammed Almalki

Cybersecurity Researcher, CITC

Mohammed Almeshekah

Founder & Managing Partner, Outliers Venture Capital

Mohammed Almodawah

SOC Lead Engineer, Saudi Information Technology Company

Mohammed Ayesh

Director, Privacy & Technology, PwC

Mohammed K. Ujaimi

Chief Information Security Officer, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST)

Momen Eldawakhly

Red Team Lead at Cypro AB and Offensive Cybersecurity Officer at AiActive

Mona Alshehri

Risk & Compliance Analyst, Saudi Air Navigation Services

Monnappa KA


Moritz Lipp

Security Researcher, AWS

Morten Schenk


Mossab Hussein

CSO & Co-Founder, Spidersilk

MuChen Su

Member, Qiling Framework

Mudita Khurana

Security Engineer, Meta

Muhammad Alharmeel

CO-Founder, CyberDefenders

Muhammad Khizer Javed

Lead Security Researcher, SecurityWall

Muhammad Navaid Zafar

Project Manager Information Security, Minds United

Muhammad Rehan

Head of Business Unit, Spire Solutions

Nada Alghannam

Cybersecurity Specialist, Saudi Federation For Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones

Nada Khater

Digital Transformation | Data | Cybersecurity Public Policies Expert from Jordan

Najla Almazyad

CS Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Management Analyst, stc

Nasser Albarrak

Penetration Tester & Bug Bounty Hunter

Nasser Aldosary

Vice President of Programs, Cyberani Solutions

Nawal Alasmari

ICS Specialist, NEOM

Neil R. Wyler

Global Lead of Active Threat Assessments, IBM X-Force

Neslisah Topcu

Security Researcher & Consultant

Nicki Doble

Deputy Executive Chair (NSW), Australian Information Security Association

Nikhil Mittal

Founder and Infosec Researcher, Altered Security

Nils Andersen-Roed

Head of Intelligence and Investigations, Binance

NJ Ouchn

CEO & Founder, vFeed Inc

Noor Alfaiz

Senior Network Security Specialist

Norah Aldeghaim

Access Control & Identity Management Senior Analyst, stc

Norah Alkhathlan

Cybersecurity Specialist, Saudi Aramco

Norah Almubairik

PhD Student, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

Norihiro Nakaoka

Software Engineer, Future Corporation

Nouf Alqahtani

Senior Threat Intelligence Researcher, STC

Obay Aljerian

Cybersecurity Advisor/Consultant

Omar Alibrahim

Security Researcher, Kuwait Hackers LLC

Omar AlOmar

Cybersecurity Partner, Trusted Partners

Osama Kamal

Principal Consultant, Mandiant

Owais Mehtab

Principal Security Consultant, MDSec

Ozan Olali

Application Security Region Leader, IBM

Paula Januszkiewicz

CEO, Cybersecurity Expert and Trainer, CQURE

Peter Hopwood

Hopwood Speaking

Peter Steyaert

Senior Sales Engineer Manager, Gigamon

Pranav Bhopatkar

Director Cybersecurity MEA, Honeywell

Prasanth Prasad

Business Unit Head, Spire Solutions

Prateek Gianchandani

Head of Product Security, Careem

Quynh Nguyen Anh

Senior Reseacher, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Rachid Harrando

Office of the CISO, ServiceNow

Raed Ahsan

Ethical Hacker, Security Researcher & Penetration Tester, R-Security

Rami AlTalhi

Senior Incident Response Consultant, Cisco Talos Intelligence Group

Rasha Bu Saud

Chief Information Security Officer, The Saudi National Bank

Ray Kobeissi

Speaker & Trainer, MENA Speakers

Rayan Aziz

Senior Cybersecurity Analyst

Renad Alrabea

SOC Team Lead, Banque Saudi Fransi

Rian Saaty

Principal Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment Consultant, Saudi Information Technology Company (SITE)

Robert Dudley

Chief Technology Officer, Coinshares

Ron Peeters

Vice President Middle East/Emerging Markets, Synack

Ruiyi Zhang

Research Assistant, CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security

Ryan Johnson

Senior Director, R&D, Quokka

Saeed Abu Nimeh

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, SecLytics

Saja Alqurashi

Software Quality Assurance Engineer, CSI

Sajan Shetty


Salah Altokhais

Cyber Threat Intelligence Technical Lead, The National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA)

Samantha Humphries

Head of Security Strategy, EMEA, Exabeam

Samiya Al Enezi

Lead, Saudi Arabia WiCSME Affiliate

Sara Al Kindi

Senior Cybersecurity Consultant, Petroleum Development Oman

Sebastian Madden

Chief Corporate Development Officer, Protection Group International (PGI)

Seemanta Patnaik

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, SecurEyes Limited, KSA

Seid Yassin

Senior Red Team and Application Security Lead Consultant, DTS-Solution

Shaeq Ahmed

Founder, Matano

Shahmeer Amir

3rd Ranked Bug Bounty Hunter, CEO, Younite/Veiliux/Authiun

Sky Yeung

Founder, Drone Association HK

Sohaib Alam

Head of Cyber Security, VAPT & SOC, Bankislami Pakistan Limited

Steve Wylie

Vice President, Cybersecurity Market Group, Informa Tech

Stoyan Angelov

Founder & CEO, Evedo

Sukesh Pappu

R&D, Domdog Security

Syed Ashfaq Ahamed

Regional Manager - Cyber Products, Atos

T. Roy


Talal AlBakr

CEO, SCCC - Alibaba Cloud JV

Tamer Odeh

Regional Director MEA, SentinelOne

Tarek Naja

SME, Qualys

Tausif Sayyed

Director, Data & Analytics, Spire Data

Thanassis Diogos

X-Force Incident Response Executive Consultant, IBM

Vikalp Shrivastava

Chief Information Security Officer, Kerzner International

Vikas Yadav

Chief Security Officer, Nykaa

Vikash Chaudhary

CEO & Founder, HackersEra

Waad Albayyali

Pentester, SITE

Wadha Almattar

PhD Student, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

Waleed Khanfoor


Weihan Goh

Associate Professor, Singapore Institute of Technology

Wesam Alzahir

Software Engineer, CloudApps

Yara Al Humidan

Consultant Penetration Tester & Vulnerability Management, SITE

Yasser Al Yousef

GM Governance, Risk and Compliance, Chief of Information Security, Saudi Arabian Ministry of Justice

Yasser Alghamdi

Cyber Defense Center Director, STC

Yasser Alhazmi

SOC Researcher, Technology Control Company

Zaki Abbas

Chief Information Security Officer, Brookfield Asset Management

Zeyad Muhyeddeen

Kenna Security Specialist – MEA, Cisco

Zheng Yu

Member, Qiling Framework

Ziad Aloboud

Chief Information Security Officer, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD)

Zibran Sayyed

Telecom Test Engineer, Matrix Shell

Ziyad Alotaibi

Security Researcher, Haboob