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Rana Khalil

Application Security Lead, C3SA

Rana Khalil is an accomplished Application Security Engineer currently steering the digital safety ship in Canada's dynamic public and private sectors. With her cutting-edge expertise, she's not only securing applications, but also shaping the future of cybersecurity across the nation. 

She holds a Bachelor's and Master’s degree in Computer Science and is OSCP certified. She has spoken about her research at various local and international conferences, and received several awards and honorable mentions for her contributions to the cybersecurity community. 

Rana has also founded her own online academy where she teaches web application penetration testing. Her mission? To make cybersecurity education affordable and keep the digital frontier safe, one application at a time.

Speaker sessions

Hacking The Hacker - It Takes One to Know One

  • 15:30
  • Thu
  • 16 Nov
Track: Technical Focus, Women In Cyber Focus