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Ahmad Halabi

Managing Director, Senior Security Specialist, Resecurity

Senior Cyber Security Specialist, Hacker and Entrepreneur.

Ahmad Halabi is a well-known thought leader in the penetration testing and bug bounty field, ranking as one of the Top 50 Hackers by HackerOne and top ethical hacker by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).

Some achievements related to the Cyber Security Industry:

  • Discovered Over 2000 Vulnerabilities in Over 200 Companies.
  • Acknowledged companies include: Pentagon - DARPA - HackerOne - Google - Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - Microsoft - Apple - Telegram - Eset - Bitdefender.
  • Ranked 7th hacker at HackerOne Leaderboard (2020).
  • Ranked 1st hacker at United States Department Of Defense (2019).
  • Ranked 1st hacker at IBM (2020).
  • Ranked 1st Hacker at US Defense Industrial Base Program.
  • Ranked 1st Hacker in Lebanon by HackerOne.

Participated in many Live Hacking Events, Conferences and Events including: Hack The U.S. Army LHE, GISEC LHE, Speaker at @hack, Speaker at Red Team Security Academy.