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Gabrielle Hempel

System Engineer, NetWitness

Gabrielle is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, where she studied Neuroscience and Psychology. She started her career in pharmaceutical/medical device regulation, where she led specialized committees targeting Phase I and emergency use research. Though she still serves on a board as a regulatory/genetic science consultant, she moved to cybersecurity in 2018 and works as a Systems Engineer for RSA Netwitness. She also serves as a member of the Marine Corps Cyber Auxiliary and a consultant for the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN). She continues to pursue education through a Master’s program in Global Security, Conflict, and Cybercrime at NYU, and has obtained certifications in threat intelligence, counterintelligence, and human trafficking investigation through the McAfee Institute. She collaborates with a variety of law enforcement entities and task forces to assist in and educate on use of digital forensics and information security to combat trafficking. She has spoken at numerous national conferences and guest lectured on medical device security and trafficking. Her continued areas of research include embedded/vehicle security, IoT vulnerabilities, and medical device/healthcare security.