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Security Architecture Design & Review Masterclass

This training has been completed See current trainings here
1 Day
Sat 19 Nov
This training has been completed See current trainings here

Radisson Blu Hotel, Riyadh Qurtuba
Al Thumama Road, Riyadh, 11263, Saudi Arabia

  • Registration starts at 8am
  • Training from 9am to 5pm
  • Introduction to Security Architecture/Design Reviews
  • Gentle introduction to Threat Analysis
  • Mapping Security Architecture Requirements based on Threat Analysis
  • Reporting for Security Architecture Reviews

One of the fundamental reasons for vulnerabilities in any given system is owing to its architecture. 

Architecture flaws leading to security vulnerabilities are not only hard to fix but end up consuming several development cycles. This results in delays, dissatisfied customers, and worse, vulnerable applications running in production.

Security Architecture Reviews, if done well, can comprehensively address architecture flaws and vulnerabilities resulting from said architecture flaws. This course is a deep-dive into the approach and nuances of performing a security architecture review for distributed systems. The training delves into very specific approaches and playbooks to run Security Architecture/Design Reviews for applications and distributed systems.

The key objective of the training is to enable stakeholders involved in the engineering/architecture to be able to pre-empt architecture flaws that lead to security vulnerabilities and deliver a more secure system to production. The training is replete with hands-on case studies that the students will solve with the instructor to perform a live Security Architecture Review of a given system.

Who Should Take This Course:
  • Security architects
  • Application security professionals
  • Security managers
  • Senior developers
  • Engineering managers
  • Security officers