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Karan Shah


Karan joined NotSoSecure in 2019 and works with clients operating across a broad range of business sectors, including banking, e-commerce, and software development. Working as part of a small team of Security Consultants on- and off-site, he carries out various types of Penetration Testing on web applications, mobile applications, and networks. This part of his work also involves providing practical, actionable reports and being responsible for ensuring that clients’ secured environments meet required standards. He also delivers NotSoSecure training, such as the Application Security for Developers course, and undertakes various types of research for the company. Background

Karan gained a Master's in Computer Applications in 2014 and immediately began working as an Information Security consultant. Since then, he has gained extensive experience in a variety of business sectors across the globe, in particular banking, government, finance, media, telecoms, and oil & gas, specializing in web application security and mobile application security. During this period, he also gained professional project-leading experience as a Deputy Manager at Protiviti and expert knowledge in source code review, HTML, and JavaScript – interests he also pursues in his spare time.