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Christopher Crowley

Mr. Crowley has 15 years of industry experience managing and securing networks. His consultant company Montance® LLC , based in the Washington, DC area focuses on effective computer network defense. His work experience includes penetration testing, security operations, incident response, and forensic analysis.

His current primary focus is cybersecurity operations. Montance® LLC is a trusted independent Information Security partner providing cybersecurity assessment, and framework development services enabling clients to create a new SOC, or improve existing security operations. We are committed to enhancing your SOC capabilities to execute its mission: to provide optimum security protection for digital assets. Montance® LLC has provided services to organizations large and small in the financial, industrial, energy, medical, and defense industries. It is a one-person consulting firm providing a vehicle for direct and efficient engagement.

Mr. Crowley is a Senior Instructor and the course author for SOC-Class, as well as SANS Management 517 - Managing Security Operations and SANS Management 535 - Incident Response Team Management. He holds many industry certifications, has substantial global teaching and public speaking experience.