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Steve Brain

Head of Incident Response, NEOM

Steve is the Head of Incident Response in NEOM, Saudi Arabia’s largest and most ambitious Giga-Project. Prior to this, he spent a number of years in DFIR consulting for cyber insurance providers eating ransomware and BECs as part of his daily diet as well as spending a short stint on UK television running intelligence operations on the show, ‘Celebrity Hunted’.

Steve also has over 20 years of experience in the British Military conducting security, counter-terrorism and intelligence operations across the globe and is the holder of multiple cyber security certifications including CISM, GPEN, GCFA, GMON, GCIH, GEVA and GLCD. He’s an avid lover of sausage dogs, sailing and SANS coins and is a member of a number of boards including SANS UK and GIAC Advisory Boards. 

Speaker sessions

Big Bang Theory – Incident Response in Giga-Projects

  • 16:20
  • Wed
  • 15 Nov