Stephane Lenco

Chief Information Security Officer, Thales Group

Until 2018, as “Chief Information Security Officer” of Airbus, which scope included IT, OT and otherwise, he created the Airbus CERT. He also acted as the secretary to GITSIS, a CISO association in France, and as a convinced European is was a member of the ENISA “Permanent Stakeholder Group” for the 2017-2020 tenure. He is Thales Group’s CISO since 2019, and has been particularly active lately on the topic of cybersecurity maturity in the supply chain, going hand in hand with making cybersecurity culture change and get closer to business objectives at large. Stephane keynoted at events such as “the Australian Cyber Security Conference” on topics like Cyber Security Strategy and Awareness, at the “Wall Street Journal Cybersecurity Executive Forum” on creating a cyber culture, or at Ferma Talks on collaborating for cyber resilience.

Speaker sessions

PANEL DISCUSSION: The New Age Talent Gap: Creating Cyber Minds

  • 15:05
  • Wed
  • 16 Nov
Track: Executive Summit
  • Talent
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Women