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Sarah Alabdulhadi

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management Acting Section Manager, stc

Sarah Alabdulhadi is an accomplished cybersecurity professional with a Master of Engineering Management degree and a Bachelor of Software Engineering - Cybersecurity degree, both earned with First Honor distinctions. With practical experience as an Acting Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management (PTVM) Section Manager and Senior PTVM Analyst at stc, a prominent telecommunications company, Sarah has displayed strong leadership and technical skills.

She has actively contributed to the field through public speaking engagements, sharing expertise on cybersecurity awareness and cyber-attacks. Sarah's commitment to advancing knowledge is evident through her research papers, which focus on the application of machine learning algorithms in cybersecurity and educational research. Her dedication to enhancing cybersecurity practices and fostering a resilient digital environment makes her a valuable professional in the field.

Speaker sessions

Alarm Rationalization for Cybersecurity Monitoring

  • 17:00
  • Tue
  • 14 Nov