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Saeed Alsaeed

Chief Executive Officer, Cyberani Solutions

Saeed Al Saeed is global technology leader and at present, is spearheading Cyberani. Championing building of pioneering response solutions, enhancing the security ecosystem, and up-rooting local talent to safeguard KSA and regions infrastructure from cyber threats.

Saeed brings more than two decades experience, where he has been at the helm of industry-defining initiatives, including tech-transformations, cloud enablement and next gen digital solutions. His unique business entrepreneurial sense combined with his technical acumen and vision for the future have contributed in shaping Aramco’s Digital journey.

Beyond his operational prowess, Saeed's innovative spirit is evident in the trailblazing patents filed with the US Patent Office, marking him as a beacon of innovation in the tech world.

He is a Growth focused Executive. Digital Architecture and acceleration excite him. Passionate about culture, inclusion, and diversity.

Speaker sessions

A Call For Action – A Journey Towards Enabling Zero-Trust Principle

  • 18:35
  • Tue
  • 14 Nov
Track: Industry Focus