Saad Algarni

CEO, SDAIA Academy

Eng. Algrani is experienced leader in the field of capability building and training with proven track of achievements in the field.
While doing undergrad studies, he established his own IT training center. Saad was the co-founder of two of the top technology academies. During his career, he played roles of manager and consultant to set up several training programs that aim to prepare graduates for job market. He supervised several national Data and AI training projects.

Recently,Algarni served as the CEO of SDAIA Academy and capability building advisor in the Saudi Authority of Data and AI and contributed to the objectives of the National Data and AI Strategy. He was also the head of the AI Artathon, which was a global challenge that gather AI experts and artists.
Eng. Algarni brings a decade worth of experience in capability building with solid background in IT. He holds a BSc. In Computer Engineering and BSc. in Business Administration and earned his Executive MBA from King Saud University. He holds many professional and leadership certificates from leading international schools and institutes such as HBS and HRCI.