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Omar Alsadoon

Penetration Tester Specialist, Cipher

Omar Alsadoon is a highly organized and ambitious person who always prefers to be a hard-working individual with an intense desire to achieve.

Omar as a Red Teamer and Penetration Tester has an extensive experience performing successful Red Team engagement for various organizations. With a strong background in Penetration Testing, he is specialized in identifying security vulnerabilities across several domains.

Omar has a successful valid record of executing Penetration Testing for Active Directory, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, and Network infrastructures. His experience and expertise enable him to perform comprehensive Penetration Testing and help organizations assess their vulnerability accurately.

Omar has in-depth understanding of security solutions used by organizations, including Anti-virus solutions, and EDRs. My proficiency in programming languages enables me to write codes to evade these security solutions and provides organizations with a comprehensive assessment of their security posture.

Speaker sessions

Building a Modern Red Team Infrastructure (Practical)

  • 17:40
  • Thu
  • 16 Nov