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Nils Andersen-Roed

Head of Intelligence and Investigations, Binance

Nils Andersen-Röed is the Head of Investigations EMEA of the Binance Investigations team. This team focuses on external investigations with the purpose of identifying bad actors that attempt to commit crimes on Binance's platforms and to protect users' funds, as well as proactively supporting law enforcement agencies with their investigations. Before joining Binance he worked as a specialist at the Europol Dark Web Team. During his time at Europol he coordinated and supported global law enforcement operations against criminality on the dark web such as the take downs of various illegal marketplaces and many other global actions against administrators, vendors and buyers on the dark web. Before his role at Europol, Nils was the Project Leader of the Dark Web Unit of the Dutch National Police. He was also the Project Leader of Operation Bayonet, leading to the takeover and takedown of the dark web marketplaces Hansa Market and Alphabay. Previously, after receiving his Master of Criminal Investigation degree, he has been working at the Central Criminal Investigations division of the Dutch National Police. Prior to joining the Police he received his Master's degree in Psychology and he has been working as a network professional in the private sector.