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Muhammad Khizer Javed

Lead Penetration Tester, SecurityWall

I am an accomplished cybersecurity professional, currently serving as the Lead Penetration Tester at SecurityWall. In this role, I collaborate with a skilled team to conduct comprehensive web and mobile application penetration testing, and vulnerability assessments, and offer invaluable information security consulting services.

As an active bug bounty hunter on platforms like HackerOne and Bugcrowd, I have received acknowledgments from esteemed entities such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Coinbase, The Government of Singapore, and The US Department of Defense. My expertise spans web application security, Android application security, and vulnerability assessment, allowing me to deliver robust solutions.

Driven by a passion for cybersecurity, I consistently pursue new skills and share insights with the community. Throughout my career, I have fortified organizations' digital infrastructures, leveraging my expertise in web/mobile app security, infosec consultancy, and vulnerability management to safeguard against threats.