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Muhammad Alharmeel

CO-Founder, CyberDefenders

A business-focused CyberDefense consultant with 20+ years of experience and a co-founder of  CyberDefenders, a CyberDefense training platform.
He helped multiple organizations improve their security posture, performed numerous security assessments, and responded to attacks for clients in government, financial, high technology, healthcare, and other industries.
He authored multiple in-depth technical white papers such as  Network Threat Hunting, discovered remote code execution vulnerabilities, and has been quoted multiple times in public media such as  NBC News.
He holds multiple hands-on respected certifications within defensive and offensive domains such as the prestigious  GIAC Security Expert, Offensive Security Certified Expert OSCE, and the Certified Information Security Manager - CISM designation.

In his free time, he mentors aspiring cyber security juniors. He built the biggest  security community in the MENA region to guide newcomers, connect them with expert mentors and help them navigate their cyber security journey.