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Momen Eldawakhly

Red Team Lead at Cypro AB and Offensive Cybersecurity Officer at AiActive

Momen Eldawakhly, Offensive Cybersecurity Officer at AiActive and Red Team Leader at Cypro AB, discovered more than 25 CVEs and participated in many security programs such as those of Google, Microsoft, AT&T, Yahoo, Oneplus, Yandex, and other programs where he discovered multiple severe vulnerabilities and was classified as the 7th researcher at the Microsoft Office Researchers 2022 Q1 Leaderboard and the 2nd researcher at the Oneplus security world rank 2021. He also secured some IoT products by finding zero-days on them, reporting these zero-days to the vendors, and helping the engineering teams fix these vulnerabilities. Products like airplane access points, fueling systems, solar power, and car management systems were in the scope of his research to secure them against security threats. He also was a speaker at many conferences, such as Black Hat, IEEE, Hacken, The Hack Summit, Wild West Hacken’ Fest, and more.
When it comes to public contributions, he created the API Security Empire project that helps security testers, auditors, and developers to test and manage the attack surface of their APIs to prevent any security compromise from any external threat. He also contributed to Hacktricks and other popular references for security researchers to describe the security posture of the new technologies and the popular libraries used in the code to make the developers able to know how these libraries or technologies can affect their system or application.