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Megan Samford

VP, Chief Product Security Officer,
Schneider Electric

Megan is the vice president and chief product security officer for energy management at Schneider Electric. She is responsible for driving the product security strategy and programs for Schneider Electric’s Energy Management business with a focus on industrial control systems security, critical infrastructure protection, and risk analysis. In her role at Schneider Electric, Megan is presently the only female CPSO for a major industrial. This has been recognized as a huge achievement for women in industrial control systems security.

Megan brings a unique perspective to the security community, based on her diverse private and public security background, with an interest in utilizing proven concepts from traditional critical infrastructure protection and emergency management foundations and applying those to cyber, in particular for industrial control systems incident response.

Speaker sessions

Utilizing Incident Command System four Industrial Control Systems to achieve better cyber physical responses

  • 12:20
  • Thu
  • 16 Nov
Track: C Level Focus, Technical Focus, Women In Cyber Focus
  • Regulation & Legislation
  • Best practices
  • Cyber landscape
  • Case studies
  • Future of Cyber
  • Risk Management