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Majed Hakami

Cybersecurity Analyst, Aramco

Majed Hakami is a senior cybersecurity forensics analyst at Aramco with 10 years' experience in SOC and DFIR. During his tenure he gained a lot of hands-on experience while handling different cases and incidents. His field of work has always been on the incident response and blue team, this gave him the opportunity to investigate all sorts of cases from known network and endpoint related incidents to the more sophisticated ones, mainly due to the element of the unknown. Majed started first as security operations center analyst giving him the needed perspective of the first line of defense, and to act on the spot when dealing with critical systems as well as working in tandem with his teammates. The last one requires different skills set other than being technically sound, it requires teamwork, understanding, tolerance, and communication. He also took on many roles in security system administration and management. In addition, he contributed to high level cybersecurity design and architecture.

As part of the overall incident response team, Majed developed skills and knowledge from different disciplines in cybersecurity by closely getting involved in investigations, training, and research. Certain skills include malware analysis for malicious documents and executables by utilizing static and dynamic malware analysis techniques. Additionally, threat hunting for abnormalities and undetected malicious activities through analyzing suspicious traffic and building signatures, as well as, consuming threat intel from both paid subscriptions and OSINT.