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Luca Bongiorni

Director of Cybersecurity Lab, ZTE Italia

Luca Bongiorni is working as Director of a CyberSecurity Lab and is Founder of WHID - We Hack In Disguise: a cybersecurity boutique focused on R&D offensive hardware implants and IIoT Security. Luca is also actively involved in InfoSec where his main fields of research are: Radio Networks, Hardware Hacking, Internet of Things, and Physical Security. He also loves to share his knowledge and present some cool projects at security conferences around the globe: BlackHat Europe & USA, TROOPERS, HackInParis, DEFCON, HackInBo, Defcon Moscow, OWASP Chapters, Security Analyst Summit, etc. At the moment, he is focusing his researches on bypassing biometric access control systems, IIoT Security & Forensics, Air-Gapped Environments and IoOT (Internet of Offensive Things).