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Ivan Jedek

Senior Security Researcher, OryxLabs Technologies

Ivan Jedek is a cyber-security professional currently working as a Senior Security Researcher at OryxLabs (UAE) where he engages in conducting internal security assessments, penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, source code security audits and various cyber-security related research.

Ivan has experience from both sides of the cyber-security fence – blue and red. He spent 6 years analyzing computer viruses, reverse-engineering malware samples and other potentially malicious binaries on Windows platforms. Then, he moved into the offensive role of ethical penetration testing, providing cyber-security consultancy and advisory services for various clients and entities in the UAE for another 6+ years.

He holds OSCP and OSCE cyber-security certifications. He has a strong interest in software engineering and automation. In his past time, he enjoys writing blog posts about cyber-security topics and producing open-source tools for the community which he shares on his website (

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