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Isabelle Meyer

Co-Founder & CIO, Zendata Cybersecurity

With over 17 years in the legal and security industry, Isabelle Meyer was the General Counsel of The SMI Group, an engineering company focusing in energy and oil & gas sectors. She currently hold the position of Chief International Officer at ZENDATA CYBER SECURITY. Mrs Meyer studied at the University of Toronto, the University of Sherbrooke and Cambridge University. She is married with three daughters and understands the additional challenges that women face in today’s working environment.

After being part of the team starting ZENDATA CYBER SECURITY 11 years ago, Mrs Meyer discovered a new passion for cybersecurity and a capacity of improving the resilience of organisation while maintaining business objectives. In the recent years, Mrs Meyer has turned to OT security seeing it as the new playground for threat actors and a place where her experience and expertise can make a difference.

ZENDATA grew at a rapid paste, being involved constantly in the media, it has it own TV show on National TV in Switzerland. ZENDATA gives the DEF CON level for critical infrastructures in Switzerland and in the GCC. Their HQ is in Geneva, but Mrs Meyer also has offices in Dubai and Bahrain and works with multinationals worldwide.

Speaker sessions

From Curiosity & Persistence: Shedding Light on The Hackers Image

  • 15:00
  • Thu
  • 16 Nov
Track: Industry Focus, Technical Focus, Threat Focus