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Heyi Wu

Security Engineer, Sangfor Technologies Inc.

Heyi Wu, graduated from Southeast University majoring in network security, has rich security work experience, has participated in the construction of multiple central ministries and commissions-level network security systems, as well as offensive and defensive drills and actual combat.

End-to-end implementation of research and products in AI security, data security, cloud security, security development, intelligence hunting and other fields.

Delivered speeches at well-known network security conferences at home and abroad, such as HITB, BSides, Kanxue SDC, XCon, Geekpwn, ArchSummit, etc., participated in the compilation of multiple security standards at home and abroad (IEEE P2841-AI Safety Related Evaluation Standards, China self-developed operating system security, etc.), published many EI/SCI papers and patents, has a number of security certificates at home and abroad (CISP, CCSK, CDPSE, etc.), and has submitted several 0day vulnerabilities, general security issues of self-developed linux systems and advanced attack hunting traceability reports to the regulatory authorities.

Speaker sessions

Poisoned Grapes - Software Supply Chain Hybrid Malware Attack and Defense

  • 13:20
  • Tue
  • 14 Nov