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Hayk Vardanyan

Head of Partnerships, RedRays

Hayk Vardanyan has extensive background as IT Project Manager known for leading projects from inception to completion, with a specialization in handling multi-million-dollar endeavors. With a robust portfolio, Hayk has successfully managed projects worth 10 million USD or more, utilizing their extensive experience in working closely with governmental bodies as well as international donors, such as World Bank, UNICEF, IADB, UN and more.
One of Hayk's leading achievements has been in the realm of digitizing and unifying governmental processes through comprehensive Change Management initiatives. The strategic approach and skillful negotiation techniques have played pivotal roles in steering these projects towards success.
With a career marked by a commitment to efficient project execution and a passion for innovation, Hayk is dedicated to transforming government operations and delivering tangible benefits to both public institutions and their constituents.
Currently serving as the Head of Partnerships at RedRays, Hayk’s creative and analytical thinking has been instrumental in forging strategic alliances that drive growth and innovation. His communication skills have been a cornerstone, allowing him to build and nurture relationships with partners and stakeholders across the Cybersecurity industry.

Speaker sessions

CyberSeed: Pitch Practice: Session 1

  • 17:00
  • Tue
  • 14 Nov