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Basil Alothman

Founder, Kuwait Hackers LLC

Dr. Basil Alothman is the Founder and Managing Director of Kuwait Hackers LLC. Alothman is currently interested in information security teaching, solutions, and researching like Towards using Transfer Learning for Botnet Detection. Alothman received his Ph.D. in information security at DeMontfort University, Leicester, UK. He received his M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire, with a specialization in cybersecurity. In addition to his work as a hacking instructor and penetration-testing expert, Alothman's research interests include machine learning for botnet detection and malware analysis for intrusion detection and prevention, OSINT. Also, Alothman holds many professional certificates such as CPTE, ECSA, CeH, C-WAST, and Advanced OSINT. Additionally, he is a member of various scientific and professional associations like ISSA, ISACA, BSC, IEEE.