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Babar Khan Akhunzada

Chief Cyber Strategist, SecurityWall

Babar Khan Akhunzada is Founder & CEO of SecurityWall - Stacked on leading-edge technology to help enterprises and individuals to enhance security capabilities through capability building, risk management and hybrid security audit.

SecurityWall have helped numerous enterprises to tackle financial cybercrime issues on business application and infrastructure scale. 

Well-known tech companies acknowledge Babar for contributing to their products' security including Adobe, eBay, Apple, Nokia, Microsoft, Oracle, Sony, Redhat, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, StackOverflow, NextCloud, and a 100+ more.

Babar have many years of experience of bug bounty hunting and ethical work, which make him unique in all at such young age. Babar has served as a Security Consultant for Directorate of Information Technology and was responsible for security matters during his tenure.