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Anuprita Daga

President and Chief Information Security Officer, YES Bank

Anuprita Daga is the Chief Information Security Officer and Data Privacy Officer at Yes Bank Ltd, one of the leading private commercial bank in India and responsible for Information Security, Cyber Security and Privacy of the Bank.

Prior to joining Yes Bank, Anuprita worked in the capacity of Group CISO, CISO, Application Delivery Head, including Reliance Capital Ltd, Reliance Life Insurance, Kotak Life Insurance and also worked with software consulting companies. Notable is her (10+ years ) as (Group CISO/CISO) and 20+ years in BFSI industry at different capacity.

Anuprita loves interacting with people and she has formed a very strong group in India and MiddleEast out of her passion. She is also impassioned by the nature of children’s safety on the internet, she has spearheaded multiple social initiatives to tackle rising complications in this field.

Her work has been appreciated by various forums and she is recognized by multiple forums as one of the top cybersecurity leaders in the industry globally. She has been the part of “Global Top 100 CISO”, “Top Women Tech Leader” and “Top 50, Top 100 CISO” list in India.