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Shielding Critical Assets: PAM for IT and OT Defenses

  • 16:20
  • Wed
  • 15 Nov
Briefing Stage 4
Sponsored Session


In an age of escalating cyber threats, protecting critical assets within IT and OT ecosystems has become paramount. WALLIX keynote presentation delves into the world of Privileged Access Management (PAM) as the linchpin for safeguarding your organization's most vital infrastructure.

Join the session for an insightful exploration of how PAM serves as the cornerstone of security in both Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT). In this session, we will unravel the strategies, best practices, real-world case studies, and use cases that demonstrate how PAM empowers your business to:
•       Fortify defenses against cyberattacks and data breaches
•        Manage and monitor privileged access in both IT and OT environments
•        Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards
•        Safeguard critical assets and infrastructure from insider and outsider threats

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to shield your most critical assets from the evolving threat landscape and get a clear understanding of how PAM can be your ultimate tool in the battle to secure critical assets in an increasingly interconnected IT and OT landscape.