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Nomadic honeypots: how to create actionable Cyber Threat Intelligence?

  • 16:00
  • Wed
  • 15 Nov
Briefing Stage 3


I introduce a practical example of a game-changing concept called Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD), where a dynamic fog of war is added on the defender's side through deceptive response and nomadic honeypots. Thanks to our massive global infrastructure of honeypots in more than 50 countries (low to high interaction), we've worked on the topic linked to attackers that build up databases of potential victims over the medium term, meaning that they sometimes don't strike again with the same firepower on a previously identified target.

Through a 101-style introduction about AMTD, I will explain how we were able to play against attackers with simple or advanced deception solutions, and how we moved from a static world to a dynamic one, towards a global automation to orchestrate changes in a way that creates a kind of fog of war by changing the attack surface.

Beyond these necessary concepts, we will also share some of the results we captured on the battlefield, such as attackers' behaviors, interesting weapons, useful statistics regarding the never-ending global war in the cyber sphere. And if you want to play, I will share advice so you can implement easy DIY suggestions. 

So, let's turn the table and play with attackers to reduce the unpredictable by empirically observing what happens in the cyber world through a real experience of Automated Moving Target Defense.