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Hidden Bias In Cybersecurity Decisions

  • 15:40
  • Thu
  • 16 Nov
Briefing Stage 1


The session will take you through some of the hidden cognitive human biases that affect decision making especially in your cybersecurity work life, it is geared toward mid-high management in cybersecurity.

It will demonstrate with examples how these biases impact your work at management levels in cybersecurity like (CxO/SVP) and mid-management/consultants.

A simple example:
How many times people follow established processes that are essentially and obviously wrong, just because everybody is used to doing it so, instead of challenging and rebuilding that process to better achieve the cyber security objective. This is an example of Herd Mentality, one of the biases that maybe discussed in the session.

This session is important for cybersecurity decision makers to understand and tackle the bias within us and go with the righteous unbiased decisions.