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Gamification of Cybersecurity

  • 13:40
  • Wed
  • 15 Nov
Briefing Stage 4


Human error has been a top contributor to many cybersecurity incidents, and cybercriminals are aware of that weakness and humans have become their main target.

For that reason, rising Cybersecurity awareness has been a goal of every CISO. Unfortunately, many still use traditional techniques such as awareness sessions, periodic phishing tests, and mandatory onboarding training. Additionally, these techniques are usually performed centrally by the organization’s cybersecurity entities, in which failures and non-compliance are penalized while success and compliance has gone unnoticed.

The session will discuss a different approach of promoting cybersecurity and raise cybersecurity awareness in an organization through introducing game mechanics and thinking into a nongame environment.

The gamification of cybersecurity allows participants to collect CyberPoints and CyberBadges for different cybersecurity activities such as identification of phishing emails, conducting a cybersecurity awareness session, discovering a bug through a bugbounty program, or earning a cybersecurity certification.