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  • 16:00
  • Wed
  • 15 Nov
Arsenal 4


KubePWN Framework is a powerful, lightweight and platform independent offensive security tool designed to help security professionals and administrators to enhance and measure the security posture of on-prem Kubernetes clusters. Organizations are always committed to enhance the security of their containerized applications to mitigate potential vulnerabilities and strengthen the overall security posture.

KubePWN framework encompasses a range of features, the prominent feature is that the security posture auditing is done at both pod level and namespace level and the relevant fix recommendations are also provided which eases the job of security professionals and administrators to assess and mitigate issues at a broader scope. KubePWN is capable of identifying and managing risky container capabilities which in turn prevents potential exploits. Our framework incorporates robust mechanisms to detect kernel exploits and privilege escalation vectors within containers to safeguard against potential container breakouts and privilege escalations. It also evaluates the permissions of service account tokens helping to ensure proper access controls minimizing the potential of unauthorized access and damage. It also has the capability to check for sensitive information in the container when abused may lead to unintended consequences. Moreover, it also provides granular security control auditing, allowing administrators to check, define, enforce customized security policies for pods. Furthermore, the framework conducts thorough configuration audits of various protection mechanisms like Seccomp AppArmor, SELinux

The framework boasts a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-use dashboard which makes it simple for security professionals and administrators to assess the security posture of the cluster at their fingertips.