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A Call For Action – A Journey Towards Enabling Zero-Trust Principle

  • 18:35
  • Tue
  • 14 Nov
Executive Summit
Sponsored Session


Today, we in the kingdom are in center of building future infrastructure for humanity… something which will re-define the ways of living and working for our next generation… Digital acceleration is the key enabler of this journey… we are trying new technologies, exploring unexplored avenues which were limited to sci fi movies … Cloud, connectivity and high commuting power are the fundamentals and foundation stones.

We need to build or retrofit a solid cybersafe architecture by design, leverage emerging tech to detect threats, automate our response time and analyze our steps to avoid human errors.  As we all strive for a better, faster, and more connected world, we also need to make sure that we bring in trust by design into everything we do.

Zero Trust is a principle we can look to adopt. It will be journey, will require many enablers to come together to start and support the journey.  We will need to work together as one ecosystem to secure the current and future of our business, operations and society at large.