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The Art of Evidence Preparation and Presentation in Compliance

  • 15:20
  • Thu
  • 16 Nov
Briefing Stage 3


The world is rapidly changing toward digital transformation and as a consequences, compliance now days at organizations can be measured internally or externally by Auditors/GRC Professionals ("remotely") through attaching evidences and description about evidence toward the compliance instead of taking more efforts and much longer time and perform ("on-site") assessments to measure the compliance. 

According to this changes, the organizations world widely intend to emphasize, enhance and comprehends their capabilities and effectiveness by embarking the digital transformation as a key objective in their strategies and goals, and one of the digital transformation objectives is to operate the day-to-day tasks and assessments remotely without the need to be on-site to proof the compliance.

Hence, the purpose of the proposed session "The Art of Evidence Preparation and Presentation in Compliance" is to emphasize and increase the awareness and knowledge for the public and for any one who working as a part of the compliance assessment either an Auditor or Owner in the scope to appropriately prepare, present or receive a suitable evidence toward the compliance and avoid the state "non-compliant" (even if the organization is compliant) by not understanding which/what type of evidence are needed to be presented in intend of proofing the compliance.

Throughout the session, I will make sure the audience understand how the compliance assessment process starts and ends, what are the triggers and what are the facts, tips, hints of evidence presentation and preparation in order for the Auditors/GRC professionals to accept the provided evidence as a proof.