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AI Crime Detection in Police Force

  • 18:20
  • Tue
  • 14 Nov
Briefing Stage 2
Sponsored Session


The implementation of AI in police forces has the potential to improve law enforcement operations, enhance public safety, and optimize resource allocation. AI has the potential to transform the way police forces prevent, investigate, and even solve crime. By identifying patterns and links between reported crimes faster and more accurately than a human, AI can also rapidly sort and analyze huge amounts of data.

With these insights, AI can potentially reduce the time between crimes and convictions, and can be used to better understand the behaviors and chains of events that lead to crime. This gives police forces a head start to implement measures that can block those pathways. 

AI technology is used for surveillance, to monitor the crowd for an anomaly, evaluate video footage for crime and apply facial recognition to optimum effect. Artificial intelligence in policing is expected to bring about changes in security and assurance to a society. The most important objective of the police force is to not only to prevent crime but also to solve it.