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in support of vision 2030

Vision 2030 is a strategic framework that aims to transform the Saudi economy from one which is focused strongly on hydrocarbons, to one which is enabled by future technology, igniting the world’s best innovations. It will empower females and youth, and bring about a new era of sustainable, clean energy which will help to power the smart cities of tomorrow.

With hundreds of billions of dollars being invested in Giga projects like NEOM, comes the responsibility to protect the new electronic and digital infrastructure that will act as the lifeblood of this great transformation.

Black Hat MEA will act as a major capacity-building platform, bringing to the region elite level infosec professionals to train people and help to ensure the great goals of Vision 2030 remain secure and safe from criminal and hostile cyber threats within the information security community.

event at a glance

  • As you enter the halls, you’re met with a vast Infosec exhibition, the largest in the region, with hundreds of vendors ranging from the world-famous to niche startup innovators having set up their stands – showing off their cutting edge services and products.
  • People in their thousands, spill out of six conference rooms – four of which host the briefings, where security experts from around the globe present their research, new tools, new vulnerabilities, exploits, and new developments are showcased for the InfoSec community.  
  • The infamous Black Hat Arsenals sit at the back of the halls, where developers and share their open source programs and tools in an open, conversational environment to help sharpen your cybersecurity skills. Additionally, over three days, the region’s largest CTF feverously competes, with 300 teams battling for the top prize. 
  • Tucked away is the Executive Summit, where execs and cyber experts from all over the world gather to share their thoughts and experiences with the audience. 
  • And a festival atmosphere can be felt in the dozens of social areas, including food trucks, entertainment acts, barbeques, and video-game battles, all at one cybersecurity event.


infosec on the edge

World class hacking school:

50 Black Hat approved trainers. Official Training Partners include Offensive Security, NotSoSecure, and Orange Cyberdefense

The Region's Largest CTF:

Over 1,000 participants across 3 days

Opensource Arsenal:

The latest hacking tools presented by the best programmers worldwide

The Greatest minds:

Over 300+ of the world’s leading infosec speakers and famous hackers

A social movement:

We will unleash the boundless potential and ambitions of the largest population in the Gulf, helping to inspire a technological golden era

Executive summit:

The most exclusive leaders program in the region – designed for the needs of CISOs from the most complex and critical organisations


Four consecutive Briefing rooms with over 120+ technical sessions

An explosion of business opportunity:

One of the largest cyber Business Halls in the world, with over 300+ cutting-edge brands

co-organised by safcsp

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SAFSCP is Saudi Arabia’s leading non-governmental organisation tasked with keeping the country at the cutting-edge of infosec. With @Hack evolving to Black Hat Middle East and Africa, the strategic partnership with SAFSCP steps up to the next level, to help the country maintain its lead in ICT security. All while attracting the international infosec community, and creating a vital hub for game-changing cybersecurity training, white-hot trends, and the most exciting developments.

Powering the technology ecosystem

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Always innovating across our global events, we are on a mission to supercharge technology communities that are delivering positive change globally. The extraordinary success of @Hack in 2021 inspired our next leap – the evolution to Black Hat MEA, to connect, educate and empower the global infosec tribe while helping it thrive through real business opportunities within a vibrant ecosystem.

team members

michael champion
CEO, Tahaluf

[email protected]

annabelle mander
Senior Vice President, Tahaluf

[email protected]

Aravind Kanniah
Project Director

[email protected]

Richard McKeon
Group Marketing Director

[email protected]

Basma Dawwas
Content Director

[email protected]

Khalid Alsulaim

[email protected]

Steve Durning
Exhibition Director

[email protected]

Clement Edward
Commercial Director Informa Markets

[email protected]

Mohamed Maati
Cybersecurity Advisor, Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones (SAFCSP)

[email protected]