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Damn Vulnerable Telecom Network

  • 17:30
  • Wed
  • 16 Nov
Arsenal 2


Telecom network was closed for years but recent advances in open source telecom opens new doors for telecom hacking. SS7 is the core network protocol in 2G and 3G and Diameter is a Core Protocol for 4G . Many people have proved that this network is unsecured, but no proper tool or vulnerable network is available in the information security community. 

This tool will present security loopholes in SS7 and Diameter network and I’ll be covering the SS7 & Diameter Protocol security, also the real telecom security penetration testing in the lab. The lab's demonstration is prepared from real SS7 & Diameter Penetration testing experience. During this track, I will publish my SS7 & Diameter Penetration Testing Lab named The Damn vulnerable Telecom Network. The talk will first present the basics of this vulnerability including information leaks, denial of service, toll and billing fraud, privacy leaks, and SMS fraud. 

Attendees will be able to understand the basics of the SS7 & Diameter network and lab usage and in addition, Attendees will also understand the different types of attacks in the SS7 network. Currently, LAB is licensed under the AGPL license.