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Mr. SIP: SIP-Based Audit and Attack Tool

  • 14:30
  • Tue
  • 15 Nov
Arsenal 2


Mr.SIP Pro is a comprehensive attack-oriented VoIP product developed to simulate VoIP-based attacks and audit VoIP networks and applications from a security perspective. Originally it was developed to be used in academic work to support developing novel SIP-based attacks and then as an idea to convert it to a fully functional SIP-based penetration testing tool. So far Mr.SIP resulted in several academic research papers and journal articles and won first prizes in various cyber security competitions. Mr.SIP can also be used as a SIP client simulator and SIP traffic generator.

Mr.SIP Pro detects SIP components and existing users on the network, intercepts, filters, and manages call information, reports known vulnerabilities and exploits, develops various TDoS attacks, and cracks user passwords. It has many innovative and competitive features such as high-performance multi-threading, IP spoofing, intelligent SIP message generation, self-hiding, and interception capabilities. Mr.SIP also has a customizable scenario development framework for stateful attacks.

In the current state, the public version of Mr.SIP contains 3 modules; SIP-NES (network scanner), SIP-ENUM (enumerator), and SIP-DAS (DoS attack simulator). The Pro version contains 19 modules in 4 categories; Information Gathering, Vulnerability Scanning, Offensive, and Utility modules as listed below. 
Information Gathering Modules: SIP-NES (network scanner), SIP-ENUM (SIP enumerator), SIP-SNIFF (SIP traffic sniffer), SIP-EAVES (call eavesdropper)
Vulnerability Scanning Modules: SIP-VSCAN (vulnerability & exploit scanner), Auto-Deep (automated scanner)
Offensive Modules: SIP-DAS (DoS attack simulator), SIP-MITM (man in the middle attacker), SIP-ASP (attack scenario player), SIP-CRACK (digest authentication cracker), SIP-SIM (signaling manipulator), SIP-FUZZ (protocol fuzzer), RTP-EAVES (media sniffer), RTP-MIM (media manipulator), RTP-Robo (robocall/SPIT attacker), RTP-DTMF (DTMF stealer)
Utility Modules: IP Spoofing Engine, Message Generator, GUI