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Disrupting Ransomware

  • 13:55
  • Thu
  • 17 Nov
Technical Focus
Briefing Stage 4


With the appearance of Cryptolocker in 2013, ransomware has been on the rise ever since. Response techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTP) included the use of asymmetric cryptography, peer-to-peer routing, risk evasion, and pseudo-randomly generated domains. Now almost a decade later, not much has changed with respect to these measures in spite of ransomware becoming even more prevalent during this new COVID era. Please join me for an exciting journey into some of my most recent adventures taking down ransomware operators by using an adept new approach. Additionally, there will be an in-depth look into how and why ransomware takedown has failed to evolve, and what can be done in response. This discussion will conclude with a compelling live demonstration featuring one potential new solution created as a ransomware "vaccine"... with the hopes of effectively resolving this pervasive force once and for all.