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Dashcam Evidence Analysis

  • 17:45
  • Thu
  • 17 Nov
Technical Focus
Briefing Stage 3


Dashcam cameras currently are a significant add-on in most of the cars. Any dashcam will produce several audio/visual recordings of the car trips. These recordings/evidence includes GPS data, temporal data, and speed data. Although those recordings are necessary for traffic accidents, these recordings may also be utilized as evidence in any criminal investigation that includes car activities. The major contribution of that work is to disclose the source and frequency of the evidence created by the dashcam and extracted from the SD card and interpreting this evidence in a way that could be helpful on investigating any incident of in-car activities. Mainly the analysis focuses on one of the car activities offensive scenarios. The analysis will start with producing the Keyhole Markup Language 
(KML) files based on specific conditions related to the scenario. These KML files will be produced by a developed python script which will extracts the Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates. On another words, each evidence stored by the dashcam in the SD card will annotated as a route, stop points, or specific area that was passed by the suspect to be able to analyze them based on the scenario provided.