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Pwning SaaS Apps Like a Boss - Vulnerabilities Leads to Bankruptcy

  • 13:15
  • Thu
  • 17 Nov
Technical Focus
Briefing Stage 3


In the modern era, businesses diverge over digital platforms and sell their services and products online. SaaS is hotcakes and commonly targeted at large, while hackers are no longer looking for SQL, XSS, CSRF, and RCE. They are exploiting the financial side of the apps and leading their way to a complete takeover over the business via exploiting the payment gateways and chaining app vulnerabilities.

The same goes for eCommerce, eGaming, Product Apps, etc. Enterprises are unaware of exploited orders and transactions from hackers exploited features within applications through vulnerabilities & affecting organizations financially. Hackers are exploiting Application Integration and Internal Payment Gateways API selling high-paid SaaS exploited services on Darkweb and Hack Forums for a low cost. 

In this session, we'll learn how this happens and how enterprises can secure their platforms from these financial attacks leading to bankruptcy at worst.