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Just Another Tick in The Box...

  • 13:35
  • Tue
  • 15 Nov
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Executive Summit


Congratulations! You ticked the boxes; you have achieved compliance! Not only did you tick the boxes, but you did so without lying TOO much to the auditor, albeit they didn’t find ALL the skeletons in the closets... Now you can sit back, relax, and? What’s that? You got breached? Hmmm, now isn’t that something... you ticked the boxes, you got told that’ll protect you (because you purchased ALL the recommended systems, software, and staff TO ensure all the boxes WERE ticked correctly) AND you still got breached?

Welcome TO reality. Welcome to Information Security, where we tell you to tick all the boxes, and then (sometimes) explain that all those boxes mean extraordinarily little insofar as your actual security posture.

So, now we’ve burst your bubble and introduced you to reality what CAN you do? What SHOULD you be doing? AND how can you reduce risks in the digital realm? WHERE is it most effective to build out security AND what the heck DO you do to make sure when I’m inside you know I’m there AND can do something about it BEFORE I wander off with all YOUR data, leaving behind a nice set of ransomed systems with an I-love-you note for millions.

Oh, and all of this is yesterday. Today we’re dealing with nanotech/biotech human hacking, tomorrow we’re going to have to worry about the very fabric of space and time J

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