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Revealing Repercussion of Missing Security in OT Environment

  • 18:35
  • Tue
  • 15 Nov
Technical Focus
Briefing Stage 1


Security for operational technology (OT) can seem like the frontier of a strange new world. The global industry faces a new reality: today’s bad actors frequently have unlimited time, resources, and funding to carry out their cyberattacks. 

The manufacturing industries are undergoing a massive digital transformation. It is seeing a dramatic shift from legacy, standalone Operational Technology (OT) to systems that are increasingly automated.

In this regard, the major transformation has been introducing cyber security risk due to the absence of governance structures. 83% of organizations suffered an operational technology (OT) cybersecurity breach in the prior 36 months (Reference: 

Therefore, most of the breaches of not adopting the best practices, lacking of governance structure and working in silos environments.

The presentation/talk will discuss IT-OT convergence, attack vectors, myths and misconceptions related to OT. This will also discuss establishing the governance structure and available standards use to protect OT environments. The manufacturing industry is undergoing a major digital transformation. There is a dramatic shift from legacy stand-alone OT to increasingly automated systems.
•    Myths and Misconceptions in OT Security
•    Technology doesn't protect unless you want to.
•    IT-OT Convergence and attack vectors
•    How the Governance structure will protect and save time to use available standards to protect the OT environment?