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“I Bet Nobody Ever Thought To Do This With A Camel...”

  • 16:30
  • Wed
  • 16 Nov
Technical Focus
Executive Summit
Get Hacked!


Several years back, while driving across Americaland a couple of us got the wild idea to hack cows. Now, visiting the great furnace in the desert what more can I do to say “Thank You” than have a little fun with your camels. Asides from changing all the RFID tags, swapping the databases it might be worth taking 10 minutes and swapping your heard with those in the great wildernesses of China...

Welcome to the digital revolution where camel rustling just got weird. This is both a quick session to introduce the slightly less direct way of introducing a little chaos into society, AND to take a moment to promote the full demo that we’re planning on doing (hacking the OTHER ships that this region cares about...)