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Theme of the competition

The accelerating nature of cyber-attacks has never been more apparent, and while they progress at an exponential rate, the dawn of the cyber era sheds light on a future full of new possibilities as the new generations equip to fight the cyber war.

What does the winner get?

  • Experience the production of a limited-edition collection
under their name 
  • A grand prize worth 10,000 SAR
  • Recognition across our social platforms
  • A plaque acknowledging their win

Important Dates

  • Open for Submissions: 15 August 2022
  • Submissions close at 11pm (GMT+3): 21 September 2022
  • Winner Announced: 23 September 2022
  • Black Hat MEA takes place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: 15 - 17 November 2022

Brand guidelines

Curate your designs based on the event brand guidelines. The brand guidelines can be accessed below

See brand guidelines here

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All submitted designs should be in line with the event brand guidelines that can be accessed here. All designs that are not in line with the brand guidelines will be disqualified.

All artworks must be submitted on a plain black background, as the finished winning merchandise will be printed on a black material. The Black Hat Middle East and Africa team retains the right to alter colours, as necessary.

If you would like to upload your artwork, please scan or take a picture from your smartphone or tablet and upload the original artwork to the Award
Force platform.

All files must be uploaded in either of the below formats:

  • Adobe Photoshop templates (template-front.psd, template-back.psd)
  • Adobe Illustrator templates (,
  • Templates for other applications (template-front.png, template-back.png)

All submitted designs should be sized to fit a standard T-shirt. Use CMYK mode for the high-resolution version of your design, with an image resolution of up to 200dpi.

Designs are only accepted in digital format. Paintings and non-digital illustrations will be disqualified.

Participants may be asked to resubmit their designs if they pass the first stage of judging, so please save all your design files until the contest ends.

  • Please use English-language characters for the file name. Save your designs in the naming format [*First name*_*BHMEA**common file extensions such as png, jpg, or ai*]. For e.g.: Hamid_BHMEA.png
  • Entries should be submitted in 72dpi and 1280x1280 pixels [for Judging process only]. Note: Once the semi-finalists are selected, they will be requested to provide high-resolution version of your design, with an image resolution of up to 200dpi.
  • Use RGB mode for the colour mode.
  • When submitting your designs, please prepare a short personal bio for the judging process and announcement on the website.

Item: Hoodies

Print options:

Max area: 25cm wide x 15cm high
  • Screen Printing, 1-4 colours
  • Heat Transfer, Full colour
Max area: 25cm wide x 15cm high
  • Screen Printing, 1-4 colours
  • Heat Transfer, Full colour
Max area: 10cm wide x 10cm high
  • Screen Printing, 1-4 colours
  • Embroidery
  • Heat Transfer printing, Full colour
Max area: 10cm wide x 10cm high
  • Screen Printing, 1-4 colours
  • Embroidery
  • Heat Transfer printing, Full colour


Judging will be conducted by panels of a minimum of five qualified judges. The judging panel includes two KSA based and one international digital artist along with senior members from Black Hat MEA and SAFCSP . We try to assemble each judging panel with a mix of different disciplines so multiple viewpoints will be considered in the evaluation process.

The judging process will take place through the Award Force online portal. Each entry will be evaluated based on three key criteria -

  • Creativity – How original and creative is your idea and design?
  • Impact – Does your design stand out? Is it influencing and uplifting society in any way?
  • Relevance – How well associated is your design to the theme provided and how it links to the Black Hat MEA brand?

*Secret tip – We love an edgy design with a cultural touch

  • Designs can only be submitted through Award Force. Designs sent by mail, for example, will not be accepted.
  • All submissions, including illustrations and photographs, must be submitted on a flat/2D surface - because the winning designs will be used to create prints for T-shirts / Hoodies / Sweatshirts.
  • Participants can submit designs that cover the front and back surfaces of the sample clothing except the non-printable area as referenced on page 8. However, design positioning may be altered to fit the requirements as per image.
  • Plagiarized submissions, designs that have been developed for other purposes, or designs that have been used in the past by other organisations or companies will be not be accepted.
  • Any cost incurred during the design and submission process including but not limited to purchasing of design software, shutter stock images etc. will be taken care of by the participant. Informa PLC or Black Hat Middle East and Africa will not be responsible for any of these costs.
  • Artwork must be newly developed by the entrants exclusively for Black Hat MEA 2022, and must have not ever been published previously.
  • Regardless of whether the designer has obtained licensing rights or not, it is prohibited to use representations which include, evoke, or imitate specific persons or intellectual properties which belong to other third parties, including but not limited to characters, brands, logos, images, illustrations, styles, compositions, and linguistic expressions. (However, the characters, themes, logos, texts, and other art by Black Hat Middle East and Africa event which are licensed under Informa Middle East, can be used in the submitted work).
  • All licensing rights to all the designs, including local copyrights shall be transferred from the entrants to Informa PLC and Black Hat Middle East and Africa upon submission.
  • Black Hat MEA may withdraw prizes and/or terminate merchandising of t-shirts with Winning Artworks without prior notice to an entrant, irrespective of the originality of the Artwork submitted by the entrant, if similar artwork is already publicly available.
  • Entrants shall not use the artwork for their own purposes, including but not limited to submissions for other design competitions.
  • Please make sure your designs are culturally sensitive and in line with the regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia