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Leadership and Culture

Cybersecurity is not solely an IT issue; it is a business-wide concern that requires strong leadership. A cybersecurity management framework should be integrated into the organisation's overall strategy, driven by a culture that values and understands the importance of data security. A top-down approach, wherein cybersecurity is prioritised and advocated by senior management, is crucial to foster a security-conscious environment.

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Hear global experts who are responsible for influencing information security strategy at their organisations share their insights, experience and thought leadership on cybersecurity management.

Speakers include:

  • Senior decision-makers who manage the security of some of the largest international organisations.
  • Executives, CISOs or C Level-1, who guard critical infrastructure or digital assets that are used for the collective good of society.
  • InfoSec leaders who protect organisations that are particularly at risk of security breaches from hostile state actors or criminal entities, such as government, pharma and banks.

At the Executive Summit you will:

  • Build your own agenda of executive talks, coaching and inspiring presentations.
  • Learn from senior industry experts who have succeeded in some of the most complex security challenges across the globe.
  • Network with hundreds of the other InfoSec professionals in your region who are and facing many of the same challenges as you.
  • Gain first-hand intelligence on the next generation threats and what world leading CISOs are doing to defend against them.
  • Interact and engage with regional and global leaders to elevate your profile and grow your contacts.

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  • Witness over 300 InfoSec vendors from across the globe, showcasing cutting-edge products and innovative service and solutions. Stay up to date with emerging trends such as the increased focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate threat detection and response, a growing emphasis on zero-trust architecture and the expanding relevance of privacy considerations.
  • Let Black Hat MEA provide you with the best platform to harness your share of the fastest growing market in the region, while networking and exploring new business opportunities.
  • Experience the potent blend of technology, strategy and leadership at Black Hat MEA and be reminded of just how vital informed risk management is in protecting the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of information systems.
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