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Our campus is tailored to address a range of captivating themes and topics like:

  • Entry-level cyber skills
  • Understanding hacking
  • Safeguarding yourself in the current cyber and tech climate
  • Enhancing your soft skills and personal development
  • Exploring the exciting world of cyber recruitment.
blackhat campus objective image

Our objective is twofold

to support Saudi Arabia's transformation ambitions by nurturing and capturing the loyalty of the kingdom's next generation of Cyber Leaders, and to create a valuable product for untapped segments, including students and educational entities. By engaging with us, you'll gain invaluable knowledge and experiences that will propel your personal and professional growth.

To our esteemed partners, we offer a unique sponsorship profile within the show, providing an exceptional opportunity to connect with and reach this vibrant audience of young professionals.

Join us at the Cyber Campus and let us inspire, educate, and have some fun along the way. Together, we will shape the future of cybersecurity!

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